Word is Out!

We are so proud of our newest author, Becky Alexander, (a Barefoot Trace owner),  who has just had her first book published.  The book, ‘The Many Adventures of Freddie the Circus Mouse’ is a delight both verbally and visually.  Freddie comes to life for us as soon as we open the cover and see him relaxed and laid back with his little front paws resting behind his head.

Becky is a darling who spends much of her free time working with children and encouraging them to learn how to learn.  Keep an eye open for upcoming book signings in St. Augustine and when you have the opportunity pick up a copy of her adorable book for a little one close to you.


Nights of Lights

Over 3 million white lights will switch on this year on November 22 and will stay on every night until January 31. In 2012 and 2013 St. Augustine was honored to be selected by National Geographic as one of the top 10 places to view holiday lights. Rachel Ray magazine named us one of the Nation’s Twinkliest Towns in 2014!

As we approach our 450th birthday we continue the tradition of the lights…just in a bigger way. For almost 250 years, the beginning of the season was marked by candles lighting up the windows of homes in St. Augustine. This was when we actually belonged to Spain…’Spanish Florida’. We are most happy that this old tradition continues to be honored in our culture today and we would love for you to come see it with us!


Comedy Walk

Looking for something fun and different to do?  On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays throughout July you can join up for the Cajobri Comedy Walk ($15 per person).  Your guide offers a lively and funny history lesson about St. Augustine.  The walk begins at Beerhammer’s Beer Gear at 8 p.m.  162 St. George St. #19.  904-814-8446.  Suited for 16 years and over.